Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Talk

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today I spent some time reading Courageous Canine by Kelly Milner Halls. I would recommend this book for young adults or adults who love animals and amazing true stories. Because this book is about  true animal hero stories and animals that saved peoples lives I love this book. Because there are tons of fascinating true stories about animals also I am excited about all the amazing things these animals can do. I hope you like this post I will enjoy sharing my blog posts with you please comment! 


  1. I love the way you made me want to read the book and how you said who shoould read the book. If you thought about it wouldn't you say this book could also be for childen?

  2. I like how you describe the book and what its saying.

    1. @ Edgar
      thank you for commenting on my blog post what did you like about what I was describing. thank you.

  3. Elizabeth,

    I like how you chose to use word choice, for example you said that there was fascinating true stories. How you explained this book even made me want to read this stories. If you ask me would you say that these dogs are like super heroes?

    Thank you for sharing your writing